Yoke is a duo based in Leeds with an aim to create an exhibition space that spurs dialogue between creatives.

Calling for submissions


The objective is to encourage contributions for a week long, non profit pop up print exhibition and shop that will be held at the Leeds Corn Exchange between March 28th and April 4th 2014.

The theme of the exhibition is 'dialogue' where each creative will submit a design that will be used in a blind collaboration. Contributors must be open to their submissions being manipulated through the use of print and the match making process, that will pair the two submissions together. This will create a series of screen-printed artworks that will be displayed throughout the running of the exhibition.


Yoke welcomes creatives from all creative backgrounds to contribute to the exhibition. We're now ready to start recieving your ideas based around the theme of 'Dialogue'.


Submissions can take any form of the theme. It could reflect directly on past conversations, forms of interaction or it could spread further afield to what you think communication is today.


Submit to:

Artwork must be:
- A3 Landcape or portrait
- Vector or halftone images
- Black and white
- 300 dpi

We do not accept responsibility for the copyright for any submissions used.

Sales of artwork cover production and exhibition running costs.

Deadline - 7th March 2014